2007: Our revolutionary "Tagging" technology enables listeners to Tag FM on-air content within Apple and Microsoft products.

2012: HD Radio "The Artist Experience" 

Metadata is Born
1993: Pioneering practice of using software to manage metadata related to FM broadcast. Result is Now Playing billboards via RDS.


1995: First Website to feature "Now Playing" App.

2000: First streaming-audio metadata with ecommerce for Real Network

2015: we introduce the first RDS2 products for the next generation of Hybrid Radio visualization.

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The Radio Experience
2005: We sold TRE to Broadcast Electronics, having created it in 2001.

The most "integrated" NTR platform for stations wanting to monetize their RDS/HD Radio/online capabilities.

Low cost, messaging system for promoting station activities or creating Non-Traditional Revenue (NTR)


InnovativeFM Enables Metadata 
For RDS/HD Radio/Stream & Connected Car Platforms

Now Playing Metadata  -  System Dashboard  -  Messaging

NTR Sales Tools  -  Off-Air Verification  -  Web (B2B) Services





Interactive Radio Services

Omnichannel Advertising

Station Integration Tools


Our History of Innovation

RadioDNS, the free world standard for managing your metadata. 

Connect FM Radios Directly to Your Station!


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The JumpGate HD is an affordable, compact internet appliance that manages all communications between broadcast systems and web based Information technologies.  All configuration, operation and software upgrades are handled via the network.

The JumpGate is incredibly reliable. 

Since 2008, not one unit has failed in the field. 

The in-Station Technology

Create sponsor messages that display in-sync with their on-air audio ad.
Charge a premium fee per on-air ad campaign, a very scalable advertising model.

Sponsor Defined Messages Appear as their On-Air Ad Plays!

Add a new profit center to your station in 4 easy steps!

1) Up-sell your current clients on the Go Ads! service that enhances their on-air ad.

2) The Ad flight runs & engages your listeners.

3) You receive a monthly electronic report verifying the content was broadcast.

4) Bill your customer as usual - and for your new Go Ads! premium services. 

Easy to Activate - No impact on station staff.

Take advantage of our "Enterprise Integration" web services to synchronize with your sales department.

The Go Ads! technology is so automated that station sales/production staff are not required to use *any* additional online tools to manage their Go Ads! NTR campaigns.

Messenger Web Services

Our Basic Web services include messaging tools for station promos or advertising initiatives.  

Sponsor messages display independent of the 
on-air audio. Ideal for selling sponsorships of on-air segments like morning shows, personalities etc.

A single message can be inserted into the center of a song. 

Many stations start their RDS/HD advertising efforts with Messenger Campaigns.

Easy to use tools for managing RDS/HD Radio text campaigns for station promotions or sponsorship opportunities.

System Diagram

Here's a diagram created by Cox Radio, illustrating their Jump2Go Implementation. 

Web Services 

Need a web widget for your stations web page or data for your streaming audio player?
Our server to server solution delivers all of your "Now Playing" metadata as JSON, ready to support your in-house development needs or export to partner server(s).

   "Artist":"ZZ TOP",
         "Title":"Cheap Sunglasses",
         "Artist":"ZZ Top",
      "artistName":"ZZ Top",
      "trackName":"Cheap Sunglasses",


JSON Example

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