Precision Smart Power Supply
Current sensing and limiting, this precsion supply powers up to four racks of JumpGate 3 modules.


Stack Them Up!




Rack Mount Kit

Modular JumpGate Datacasting System

JumpGate 3 outputs to three transmission systems

Now all of your backup transmitters receive JumpGate data as well.

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Control Panel for remote system configuration and operation

All details manageable via the JumpGate Dashboard

The RDS and HD Radio data receiver collects data off-air and pushes it into your JumpGate Dashboard!

JumpGate 3 is two hardware products in one! 
A data processor, and an FM Tuner with RDS2/RDS/HD data decoder

Performing Metadata Management functions inside the radio station is the JumpGate data processor.

This compact, low cost, highly reliable network appliance manages all communications between broadcast equipment and InnovativeFM web services. No PC's required.

All configuration, operation and software upgrades are handled via the network.

JumpGate HD

JumpGate 3 LT

All of the power of JumpGate 3 metadata processing minus the bells and whistles. 

Metadata processor
 - Modular system
 - Internal FM tuner

 - RDS2/RDS/HD Radio data decoder
 - Front panel display & status indicators
 - General I/O

JumpGate 3 XL

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