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Control Panel for remote system configuration and operation

The JumpGate HD is a compact internet appliance that manages all communications between broadcast systems and web based Information technologies.

No need for a Windows PC and software.

All configuration, operation and software upgrades are handled via the network.

The in-Station Technology

"Our combination of  JumpGate Network Appliances, Web 2.0 Applications and Cloud Computing represent huge improvements over previous products utilizing 1990's era Windows applications."

A Contemporary Solution

Event History


RDS Encoder

Browse to the JumpGate to observe the Virtual LED's communicating the status of RDS, HD Radio & Streaming equipment. 

System Diagram

We make the technology easy to use. 

We start by streamlining the station installation process.

The first task is for stations to populate an online form with the required technical details.

With that data, we build a database with all of the stations technical information. Should support be needed we are able to troubleshoot independent of the engineers availability. 

We then preconfigure the JumpGate device prior to shipping. When the JumpGate arrives at the station, it is literally plug and play.

Web Services to support your company's technical infrastructure

Need a web widget for your stations web page or data for your streaming audio player?
Our server to server solution delivers all of your "Now Playing" metadata as JSON, ready to support your in-house development needs or export to partner server(s).

   "Artist":"ZZ TOP",
         "Title":"Cheap Sunglasses",
         "Artist":"ZZ Top",
      "artistName":"ZZ Top",
      "trackName":"Cheap Sunglasses",


JSON Example

Here's a diagram created by Cox Radio, illustrating their Jump2Go Implementation. 

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